“You were with us”

The second week of February held a very special time for us. Through some amazing and God sent connections, we have been able to collaborate with Victoria Gutbroad, a trauma Clinical Counselor at Emerge Counseling Agency, and the women of Rahab Ministries.  These women are survivors of sex-trafficking or trauma related situations.  Rahab is a home where they are learning to gain their life back- physically, mentally and spiritually.  Victoria has had years of experience working with survivors of trauma and has found that movement is one of the greatest factors in the healing process.  So together, we created a “Healing through Movement” workshop where these women could come together and move through healing together.  What does something like this look like?  In this case,  we led the women through a variety of movement exercises while Victoria taught on concepts that these exercises would touch upon.  She gave them knowledge as to how the body responds to trauma, how that trauma is stored in the body and how under new and stressful situations can trigger fight, flight or shut-down modes.  What we wanted to learn and experience together was how to move from those trauma triggers into a place of peace, confidence and decision making.  Trauma can remove us from our bodies, so a huge goal was to learn to inhabit our bodies again.  We witnessed young women and grandmothers dance around the room like little children- and it was powerful!  We witnessed anxiety and “I can’t do it” turn into “I did it!! I did it!!” as one girl overcame fear and self doubt.  We witnessed these women share their stories- not by talking, but through movement.  We witnessed confidence, courage and self-love bloom.  We witnessed all this and more.  On the last day, we were able to share with the women we worked with how we had seen them grow and transform even in just a few days.  When our friends first arrived, they were nervous and hesitant, now they were glowing.  When we had gone through each woman, placing a necklace gift around their necks, they turned to us.  They thanked us…”You brought us out of our shell.”  “I didn’t want to come at first, but you made us feel comfortable.”  “You didn’t just teach us to dance- you were with us.  Even if you haven’t been through what we have, you came to our level and you were with us.”  I don’t know if we could have received a better compliment than that.  This is only the beginning of something beautiful happening!

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