By supporting Elu Dance you are valuing the power of beauty. You are taking an invaluable role in transforming lives and sparking freedom in countless precious people.


Where does your money go?

It all pours back into the work we do. We have minimal operational costs such as studio rent, insurance, and marketing. All other funds go towards the development & creation of new work and our hands-on work with people in the community and abroad.


Why doesn’t the work pay for itself?

Some projects do. Others, like self-producing new work, have little income stream and greater cost, and thus must be supplemented through grants or private donations. Still others we would like to offer for a discounted rate. One of our core values is serving generously. As such, we make every effort to make our art accessible to all, not only to those to whom it is affordable. Financial support frees us to serve.

All donations are tax deductible. You can set your donation to recur monthly, or give a one-time amount.